Made from recycled tin, our insects are a fun way to decorate your lawn, garden or flower bed. They are colorful and have tons of personality!

ladybug with flower .jpg
ladybug back.jpg
snail medium side.jpg
snail small side.jpg
snail sizes.jpg
bee with flower side .jpg
snail medium.jpg
snail small.jpg
bee with flower.jpg
bee w_ shovel.jpg
bee standup.jpg
bee butterfly.jpg
bee trike side .jpg
lady bug standup.jpg
bee trike planter.jpg
ant marbled eye side .jpg
ant on bike M.jpg
ant planter .jpg
and fishing (standup).jpg
ant marbled eye.jpg
ant with flower .jpg
ant on bike front xl.jpg
ant fishing.jpg
ant on a trike M side .jpg
ant w_ flower L.jpg
ant on bike .jpg
ant fishing side .jpg
ant w_ flower.jpg